18 December 2015

Danny Graydon and Barbara Brownie have recently co-authored a book entitled The Superhero Costume: Identity and Disguise in Fact and Fiction. It covers superhero costumes in film & comics, as worn by real-life superheroes, cosplayers, and activist groups (e.g. Pussy riot, Fathers for Justice). The main section of the book heavily features Barman, Superman, and Spider Man, and our case studies are Iron Man, Watchmen and The X-Men. Issues include authenticity, self-objectification, ‘performing ordinariness and otherness’, hypermasculinity, deindividuation and disinhibition.

The book is out now, published by Bloomsbury (paperback, hardback and e-book):

We also have a free chapter available to read online!

15 April 2015

The Superhero Costume: Identity and Disguise in Fact and Fiction
by Barbara Brownie and Danny Graydon,
Bloomsbury Publishing, in the series Dress, Body, Culture.

Due for publication on 22nd October 2015, you can pre-order your copy direct from the publisher, and there’s even a 10% discount on the paperback if you do!

This book provides the first interdisciplinary analysis of the superhero costume and investigates wide-ranging issues such as identity, otherness, ritual dress and disguise. Analysis focuses on the implications of wearing superhero costume, exploring interpretations of the costumed hero and the extent to which the costume defines his or her role. Using examples across various media (comic books, film, and television) with case studies including The X-Men, Watchmen, real-life superheroes such as Phoenix Jones and Pussy Riot and audience activities such as cosplay, The Superhero Costume presents new perspectives on the increasingly popular genre.