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Luke Cage is not here for your shit white people

This trailer, like Luke himself, takes no prisoners. Continue reading “Luke Cage is not here for your shit white people”

The best of what I read on the web about Ghostbusters

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Reading Loki as Femme Fatale

Manipulative, emotionally volatile, and a drama queen: Loki is definitely a girly bad guy.

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I Can Be Your Hero, Baby

I can kiss away your tears.

What the hell is with the Enrique Iglesias reference? We all know I have better taste in music. But I think it’s interesting that this pop song equates heroism with emotional support. I think the idea of a hero as emotionally engaged with the people they save is implicit in much of our superhero fictions. However, it’s rarely made explicit, except through romantic connections male heroes often form with women they save. Continue reading “I Can Be Your Hero, Baby”

The Science of Superheroism

It’s an old argument among comics fans: aim for realism, or enjoy the fantastic? Continue reading “The Science of Superheroism”

Does anything mean anything anymore?

Well, that’s a seemingly bleak opening. I wish this was a question that could be asked neutrally, explored academically – scientifically even – in a lab, with thick gloves on, carrying the dangerous material at arm’s length. However, meaning is messy. It overspills its container; after all, everything means more than one thing. If you ask a certain type of philosopher or artist, everything can mean almost anything, depending on context. So what does it mean that Captain America is Hydra? Continue reading “Does anything mean anything anymore?”

Flesh Wounds

It is painful and hard to endure. The pain is distracting, and prevents the sufferer from being at their best performance-level. The blood is inconvenient, and a bit gross, and a lot of people are squeamish about it. Superhero fight scene, or a day at the office whilst menstruating? In this post, I am going to address readings of the wound as culturally aligned with femininity. Not to overcome the perceived negativity of this reading, but to revel in its possibilities.
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Wolverine in attack pose, claws out, in a vest and dog tagsThe action hero’s wardrobe staple, just where did this tradition of undershirt wearing start? How did it develop? Check out this timeline overview of a fashion icon in Hollywood. (more…)

Trailer Trash Talk – Ghostbusters


I love Ghostbusters. The cartoon, the original movie, that daft song. Yes, it’s humour tends to excuse Peter Brinkman’s appalling attitude towards women, and it’s tokenisation of Winston Zeddemore (yes, he had a surname!!) means Ernie Hudson goes chronically underemployed. But Sigourney Weaver is great as Dana Barratt, and not just a damsel in distress. That she left Brinkman, as seen in the sequel, and demands better for her child as a single mother is one of the least stigmatising representations of a strong woman in an 80s comedy. All girl reboot? Yeah! Continue reading “Trailer Trash Talk – Ghostbusters”

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