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Flesh Wounds

It is painful and hard to endure. The pain is distracting, and prevents the sufferer from being at their best performance-level. The blood is inconvenient, and a bit gross, and a lot of people are squeamish about it. Superhero fight scene, or a day at the office whilst menstruating? In this post, I am going to address readings of the wound as culturally aligned with femininity. Not to overcome the perceived negativity of this reading, but to revel in its possibilities.
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A wonderful post from The Middle Spaces on Cyborg as the superhero representation of white supremacy’s effect on the black body. A black man “transformed from a metaphorical machine to an actual one.”

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Trailer Trash Talk – DareDevil

visual narratives about blindness

Daredevil drops in two weeks on Netflix. I’m excited about this new series: it has a stellar cast, experienced writers who have worked in comics and crime tv, a distinctive design concept. But the whole idea is odd, isn’t it – a narrative told in a visual medium, about  a man who has lost his sight. I can’t wait. So here’s some juicy speculation about the latest offering from Marvel’s (over)production house…
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Anatomically Correct?

We have become used to the idea, rather recently, that our live action superheroes resemble those drawn on the page and in animations, in terms of their exaggerated physicality. Christopher Reeve’s Superman was certainly well-built and muscular, but his simple lycra onesie revealed only the general outline of the heroic man, not his constituent parts. Henry Cavill’s outfit, by contrast, ensures that the viewer is left in no doubt as to how and where his hard-won muscle groupings lie. Continue reading “Anatomically Correct?”

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