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Wolverine in attack pose, claws out, in a vest and dog tagsThe action hero’s wardrobe staple, just where did this tradition of undershirt wearing start? How did it develop? Check out this timeline overview of a fashion icon in Hollywood. (more…)

Recipe for Superheroism

A couple of weeks ago, the wiki-leaks Sony hack turned up a licensing agreement between Sony Pictures and Marvel, setting out legally binding parameters for the character Spider-Man and his civilian alter-ego Peter Parker. This is, in no uncertain terms, an officially sanctioned definition of gendered heroism. Continue reading “Recipe for Superheroism”

About the outfits guys…

Last Saturday I saw the wonderful Andrew O’Neill‘s History of Heavy Metal comedy gig, and you should too! His fantastic riff on the influence of queer subcultural fashion on metal bands, via Rob Halford’s closet, struck a chord (pun intended) with anyone familiar with certain children’s cartoons too…  For those of you not sat in front of your televisions religiously between 8.30-10am on a Saturday morning in the late 80s and early 90s, here is a rundown of the heroic characters I grew up on, and their Muscle Mary aesthetic. Continue reading “About the outfits guys…”

Article round-up – good stuff by other people

Beast wearing spectacles and reading from a tabletSpring cleaning my bookmarks and sharing the best of the bunch for your delectation and enlightenment… in no particular order Continue reading “Article round-up – good stuff by other people”

Sailor Moon Vs Batman

Colour and Costuming

Continue reading “Sailor Moon Vs Batman”

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