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Contemptibly Queer – bad guys and bisexuality

There are a lot of bisexuals on the bad guy beat this season.  Continue reading “Contemptibly Queer – bad guys and bisexuality”

Deadpool has class

This is not a review. I’m not good at old school film reviewing, Ebert style. I am better at meta that focuses on one thing about a movie and really pull apart its representation by theme. I have read great posts about Deadpool and sexuality, about trauma, and the film’s depiction of women and I recommend reading all of those. What I want to talk about here is social class. Continue reading “Deadpool has class”

CfP: Deadpool and Philosophy

An exciting call for submissions to an edited collection of essays for a broad audience.

SLASH ah ah!

Saviour of the Universe

So, Spider-Man and Deadpool have a new comic, released last Wednesday 6th Jan. You know what the title is? Spider-Man/Deadpool. Uh huh. You know what you get when you Google that? Fic. That’s what. (And go ahead, this post’ll be here when you get back…)

Continue reading “SLASH ah ah!”

Deadpool: one long dick joke

…But it’s a good one!

With great power comes great irresponsibility…

Nice. I see what you did there. Continue reading “Deadpool: one long dick joke”

Wounded Heroes, Scarred Villains

The wound is not just an ontological category, a thing, it is part of a process – from the initial blow or piercing injury to the body, through the healing stages, we still refer to the damaged area as wounded. A wound may bleed, gape, fester, heal; it is part of living flesh, a chapter of a story of the body. The scar, however, is dead flesh. A scar is an old wound, a finished process, unchanging. Continue reading “Wounded Heroes, Scarred Villains”

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