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Romancing the Stone – Ben Grimm’s Valentine

This is about how romance plays out for superheroes who don’t look like Superman. Continue reading “Romancing the Stone – Ben Grimm’s Valentine”


A wonderful post from The Middle Spaces on Cyborg as the superhero representation of white supremacy’s effect on the black body. A black man “transformed from a metaphorical machine to an actual one.”

Continue reading “Humanity Not Included: DC’s Cyborg and the Mechanization of the Black Body”

Book Review – Death, Disability, and the Superhero

Book Cover shows Gilles Barbier's art installation Nursing Home, from 2002. With title and authors name above it.Recently I reviewed the book Death, Disability and the Superhero: the silver age and beyond, by José Alaniz, from University Press of Mississippi. Continue reading “Book Review – Death, Disability, and the Superhero”

Daredevil Fails Us

I was so excited two weeks ago when I saw the trailer for Daredevil on Netflix. There was so much potential shown in their use of soundscape, lighting and visual angles to suggest an alternative world ‘view’. To put a blind man’s perspective on film was a challenge the directors seemed willing to face. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. (no plot spoilers) Continue reading “Daredevil Fails Us”

Trailer Trash Talk – DareDevil

visual narratives about blindness

Daredevil drops in two weeks on Netflix. I’m excited about this new series: it has a stellar cast, experienced writers who have worked in comics and crime tv, a distinctive design concept. But the whole idea is odd, isn’t it – a narrative told in a visual medium, about  a man who has lost his sight. I can’t wait. So here’s some juicy speculation about the latest offering from Marvel’s (over)production house…
Continue reading “Trailer Trash Talk – DareDevil”

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