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Trailer Trash Talk – Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This post covers all the official trailers, including the latest ‘super serious epic’ trailer embedded above. They all sucked equally hard. Which sounds like a Deadpool line about the protagonists, and I’m ok with that.

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A wonderful post from The Middle Spaces on Cyborg as the superhero representation of white supremacy’s effect on the black body. A black man “transformed from a metaphorical machine to an actual one.”

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The Invisible Man(liness)

The English language centres masculinity and maleness as a default position. Man – its our word for our species, it’s a suffix that denotes a specific role (chairman, layman, spokesman, He-Man). It could be argued that this is just a linguistic quirk, that it is not evidence of an inherent sexism in the culture that produced and uses this language. I am not going to make that argument. Continue reading “The Invisible Man(liness)”

Wounded Heroes, Scarred Villains

The wound is not just an ontological category, a thing, it is part of a process – from the initial blow or piercing injury to the body, through the healing stages, we still refer to the damaged area as wounded. A wound may bleed, gape, fester, heal; it is part of living flesh, a chapter of a story of the body. The scar, however, is dead flesh. A scar is an old wound, a finished process, unchanging. Continue reading “Wounded Heroes, Scarred Villains”

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