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Over-identify with the badguy? We’ve all been there. But which badguy is the important question, and why…

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Does anything mean anything anymore?

Well, that’s a seemingly bleak opening. I wish this was a question that could be asked neutrally, explored academically – scientifically even – in a lab, with thick gloves on, carrying the dangerous material at arm’s length. However, meaning is messy. It overspills its container; after all, everything means more than one thing. If you ask a certain type of philosopher or artist, everything can mean almost anything, depending on context. So what does it mean that Captain America is Hydra? Continue reading “Does anything mean anything anymore?”

Deadpool has class

This is not a review. I’m not good at old school film reviewing, Ebert style. I am better at meta that focuses on one thing about a movie and really pull apart its representation by theme. I have read great posts about Deadpool and sexuality, about trauma, and the film’s depiction of women and I recommend reading all of those. What I want to talk about here is social class. Continue reading “Deadpool has class”

Music for Heroes

The penultimate episode of every season of Arrow (so far there are only three) is titled after a Bruce Springsteen song. I noticed before, but hadn’t commented anywhere. I realised, looking back over my recent posts, that the soundscapes in the trailers for both Daredevil and the new Avengers films had been very significant to the construction of genre and character in what are only bite-sized chunks of film. So, clearly I’m developing a theme here. Continue reading “Music for Heroes”

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