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Foucaldian Rage

Rage – an appropriate name for an infuriating representation of ‘queer heroism’.

The television series Queer as Folk (2000-2005), in its American iteration, engaged thoughtfully  with comic book culture and the representation of the superhero. Central character Michael Novotny (Hal Sparks) is a comic fan, turned comic store owner, who meets his future husband Ben, a professor of literature, through the latter’s research into pop culture representations of gender and sexuality. Through the characterisation of fans, producers, and critics of superhero media, the show develops nuanced discussions of comic book representation. Yet, its presentation of the gay superhero leaves much to be desired…

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Contemptibly Queer – bad guys and bisexuality

There are a lot of bisexuals on the bad guy beat this season.  Continue reading “Contemptibly Queer – bad guys and bisexuality”

The best of what I read on the web about Ghostbusters

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Romancing the Stone – Ben Grimm’s Valentine

This is about how romance plays out for superheroes who don’t look like Superman. Continue reading “Romancing the Stone – Ben Grimm’s Valentine”

SLASH ah ah!

Saviour of the Universe

So, Spider-Man and Deadpool have a new comic, released last Wednesday 6th Jan. You know what the title is? Spider-Man/Deadpool. Uh huh. You know what you get when you Google that? Fic. That’s what. (And go ahead, this post’ll be here when you get back…)

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Recipe for Superheroism

A couple of weeks ago, the wiki-leaks Sony hack turned up a licensing agreement between Sony Pictures and Marvel, setting out legally binding parameters for the character Spider-Man and his civilian alter-ego Peter Parker. This is, in no uncertain terms, an officially sanctioned definition of gendered heroism. Continue reading “Recipe for Superheroism”

About the outfits guys…

Last Saturday I saw the wonderful Andrew O’Neill‘s History of Heavy Metal comedy gig, and you should too! His fantastic riff on the influence of queer subcultural fashion on metal bands, via Rob Halford’s closet, struck a chord (pun intended) with anyone familiar with certain children’s cartoons too…  For those of you not sat in front of your televisions religiously between 8.30-10am on a Saturday morning in the late 80s and early 90s, here is a rundown of the heroic characters I grew up on, and their Muscle Mary aesthetic. Continue reading “About the outfits guys…”

They’re Just Toys, Right? 

Writing about fictional characters it’s easy to say ‘they’, ‘he’, as though these people really existed. But the choices ‘they’ make are made for them – by directors, actors, artists, costume designers, writers, editors, marketing departments… Continue reading “They’re Just Toys, Right? “

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