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The Avengers

Reading Loki as Femme Fatale

Manipulative, emotionally volatile, and a drama queen: Loki is definitely a girly bad guy.

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Book Review – Reading Joss Whedon

My review of Reading Joss Whedon, an essay collection published by Syracuse University Press, is published in the latest issue of Science Fiction Film and Television. Continue reading “Book Review – Reading Joss Whedon”

Deadpool has class

This is not a review. I’m not good at old school film reviewing, Ebert style. I am better at meta that focuses on one thing about a movie and really pull apart its representation by theme. I have read great posts about Deadpool and sexuality, about trauma, and the film’s depiction of women and I recommend reading all of those. What I want to talk about here is social class. Continue reading “Deadpool has class”

Trailer Trash Talk – Age of Ultron

The Age of Ultron (Joss Whedon, 2015) trailers are three nicely paced little snapshots, each with a different feel. But overall, I felt something was lacking.

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They’re Just Toys, Right? 

Writing about fictional characters it’s easy to say ‘they’, ‘he’, as though these people really existed. But the choices ‘they’ make are made for them – by directors, actors, artists, costume designers, writers, editors, marketing departments… Continue reading “They’re Just Toys, Right? “

Sailor Moon Vs Batman

Colour and Costuming

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