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The Old Man and the Seed

The trope of the hoary old warrior and the child is an old one in cinema, and central to James Mangold’s Logan, as the promotional images attest. It relies upon a set of tired binaries that fail to cohere into a coherent whole, much like this film. Continue reading “The Old Man and the Seed”

Logan and the Cinema of Epic Manpain

So I just saw James Mangold’s Logan. Phenomenal performance from Patrick Stewart, not nearly enough of Eric LaSalle and family, and some very impressive CGI for Logan on Logan action (yes I know exactly how that sounds, and I already have an alert set for that fic). But, I sort of feel like two different films got cut together, and neither got what it fully deserved. So this post comes in two halves… Continue reading “Logan and the Cinema of Epic Manpain”

The Science of Superheroism

It’s an old argument among comics fans: aim for realism, or enjoy the fantastic? Continue reading “The Science of Superheroism”

Wolverine in attack pose, claws out, in a vest and dog tagsThe action hero’s wardrobe staple, just where did this tradition of undershirt wearing start? How did it develop? Check out this timeline overview of a fashion icon in Hollywood. (more…)

Book: The X-Men Films – A Cultural Analysis

Hot off the press!

Book cover - The X-Men Films a Cultural Analysis. Shows a tunnel barred by an 'x' shaped metal barrier.

You’re interested in the analysis of popular culture, and superheroes especially – I have to assume if you read this blog that you are – so this is a book you will want to read! Continue reading “Book: The X-Men Films – A Cultural Analysis”

Deadpool: one long dick joke

…But it’s a good one!

With great power comes great irresponsibility…

Nice. I see what you did there. Continue reading “Deadpool: one long dick joke”

Welcome to the Inaugural Address at the opening of the Logan Institute for the Study of Superhero Masculinities. My name is Eva and I would like to welcome you, to invite you to join me in creating this project. This is a topic close to my heart, and I would like to tell you why. Continue reading “A brief speech from our founder”

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